[NEWS] "Happy Together" KARA-2AM's Ratings Effect 'Instantaneous'

The show, "Happy Together," that attracted attention with KARA and 2AM's talk overflowing with wit, protected it's throne in the show business world on Thursday night. According to the Nielson Media Research results for Dec. 10th of ratings research company, AGB, KBS2TV's "Happy Together" that was broadcast on the 9th recorded daily, nation-wide ratings of 13.1%. This [program] ranked number one amongst programs broadcast in the same time slot with the result of having maintained the same figure as segments broadcast last week.

On this day's broadcast, KARA and 2AM, as well as Jeon Hyeon-Mu, appeared and comically talked about the hardships they personally experience as a girl group and an idol group. Jeon Hyeon-Mu also laid bare the episode that occurred because of a "Disliked by the Nation" character and basked in the attention of the viewers.

Other [shows] broadcast during the same time slot recorded ratings such as 4.5% for MBC's "Actress's Butler" and 10.5% for SBS's "One Night TV Entertainment."

Source: Innolife
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org