[NEWS] Han Geng revealed feelings about the contract termination for the first time, Talks about SJ

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In 21st December 2009, Han Geng proposed one-sidedly to Korean Company, SM Entertainment to terminate his contract. It has been a year and the case of contract termination finally had an outcome on the day of Han Geng’s first anniversary being a solo artiste. On his first anniversary, the team of carried out an exclusive interview. Han Geng also showed his innermost feelings to , revealed the details of the whole case and all the things he went though. He even exposed that he once had suicidal thoughts because he was really stressed out.

Han Geng’s first anniversary as a solo artiste
Revealed every single detail of the contract terminiation

21st December is a normal day many people, but to Han Geng, this was a very important day. It was not only his first anniversary as a solo artiste, it was also the press conference for his new book. And at the same time, the one year old ‘contract termination case’ finally had an outcome, this outcome decided the complete freedom of Han Geng. However, Han Geng’s reaction towards the outcome was really calm, and facing the producer of , he revealed every detail about the case of contract termination.

One year ago, in 21st December 2009, Super Junior-M (Han Geng was still in the group then) took part in a certain music award presentation ceremony in Beijing Wu Ke Song Stadium. After the event ended, neither did Han Geng have any signs nor did he tell anyone, he just suddenly left the team and disappeared for a total of 108 days. Shortly after he left, news of him terminating his contract with SM Entertainment came out. Both China and Korea were reporting vastly on ‘Han Geng’s contract termination’, causing uproar.

Han Geng’s decision to leave
Cried when talking about his old friends

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The sudden departure of Han Geng also brought up some unhappiness. For the five years in Korea, Han Geng stayed with members of Super Junior and developed a strong and deep brotherly love. But Han Geng did not tell them about his decision to leave beforehand, causing misunderstanding and anger in certain members. This was also a scar that will never heal in his heart after his contract termination. Han Geng said that many brothers who lived with him for so long did not understand his decision. ‘It doesn’t matter if they understand me or not, I understand them. Even up to this day, I still think of every single one of them.’ After being a solo artiste for one year, Han Geng is still not relieved, talking about this, Han Geng cried……

Han Geng revealed tough times overseas
Was really stressed out and had suicidal thoughts

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The cruel living environment in the Korea entertainment industry was what made Han Geng decided on leaving without thinking about his brothers. At 17 years old, Han Geng graduated as a dance major from the Central University for Nationalities. He took part in an audition held in China by SM Entertainment and winning on the ratio of 3000:1. He started his 6 years journey in Korea at the age of 19. Behind this lucky back, the hardships he went through were something that we would not experience. In this competitive Korea entertainment industry, before any debut, they would need to go through a really tough and strict training. The training period could go up to 4 or 5 years. In the training process, trainees are not allowed to apply for leaves, not allowed to fall sick, not allowed going home for normal reasons. Under these strict trainings, there are people who are eliminated and people who give up every day, but Han Geng was the lucky survivor in this strict training system. In 2005, Han Geng debuted with Super Junior as the only Chinese member in the group. In 2008, he brought Super Junior-M to China as their leader.

In those good times, Han Geng suddenly decided to leave. Han Geng expressed that this decision to leave was made after two years worth of consideration, a decision that some people would not understand. As for the real reason behind the contract termination, Han Geng is still not willing to say much. But Han Geng’s manager, Sun Le, revealed the truth during the first media interview. Sun Le said that Han Geng had been suppressing himself for quite a while already. There was a period which he called his friends every day, it was either complaining or venting his frustrations. It was only up to a day when Han Geng said to him: ‘The suicide rate in Korea is so high, do you want me to be like them? It was then I realized how severe it was!’