[News] Han Geng confirmed for 'The Founding of a Party', Article + Weibo entry

Han Geng’s “First Contact” with Movie, Outfit of Classic Style

Han Geng’s “first contact” with movies is to take part of the movie “The Founding of the Party”. He is playing a pioneer youth Zhao Shiyan. Zhao Shiyan, getting to know the revolutionist pioneer Li Dazhao in his early years (played by Zhang Jiayi), was elected as the General Director of the Student Union in the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University. In 1920, he went to France for study, and along with Zhou Enlai (the first Premier of the PRC, played by Chen Kun) and others, established the communist group and the Youth Community Party in France.

Han Geng said, “to have an opportunity of being part of this movie is a very meaningful thing.” On that day, part of the shooting scenes were between Han Geng and Chen Kun. Han Geng said, “I am so willing to communicate with Chen Kun who is very experienced in acting. This is my first time acting in movie after all!” Han Geng’s outfit and style are both eye-catching, his look of holding a book has young intellectual’s temperament.

TN: Han Geng’s movie stills will be released during the formal promotion period.

This movie has involved so many popular celebrities in China. Many of them would even like to play a role without any lines. Playing a role in this movie shows the recognition of Han Geng’s status in mainstream Chinese entertainment industry.

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6th December, 2:05 am via Sina Weibo:

To make it up for you guys (T/N: the release of Official pictures of Han Geng has been pushed back to the end of the promotion process, which btw means he's role might be more important then we thought), [the offical weibo] is going to give everyone a confirmed news: @Han Geng has been confirmed to participate in 《Jian Dang Wei Ye》/ 'The Founding of a Party', and will also have an interactive role with @Chen Kun who plays young Prime Minister Zhou. Text details of his role will be released by the press soon, but the official pictures will have to wait until the promotional stage, so all the fans please wait patiently. A sincere thanks to everyone's support!

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Credit: Jian Dang Wei Ye (JDWY/ Founding of the CCP) Official Weibo


So, why is this such a big deal?

In 2009, The Founding of a Republic, a state sponsored film celebrating the China's 60th anniversary was released. It chalked up impressive box office earnings in its opening week and boasted a star-studded cast. I mean, just look at the cast: Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, etc. Most of them made cameos, some didn't even have lines, but essentially their participation in the movie was more symbolic than anything.

The Founding of a Party, then, it's a prequel and again, it boasts a star-studded cast. So far, John Woo, Chow Yun-Fat, Daniel Wu, Andy Lau, Liu Ye, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Tang Wei, Zhang Guoli, Dong Jie, and Wang Leehom have been confirmed as appearing, and as you can see, there's some really big names there.

Therefore, the fact that our Han Geng will be appearing in that same movie as some of the aforementioned Chinese stars it's pretty huge and a big honor. No matter how small his role is, just by being casted in this film is an indication of his popularity in China and will be some great exposure. It's huge and Chinese Gengfans are overjoyed at the moment due to this news!

To sum it up, last year I remember he posted about having gone as a movie watcher to see The Founding of a Republic in theaters. Who would've thought that a year and a half later he'd be appearing in its prequel? So proud of you, Han Geng!