[News] Goo Hara and Seulong Played The "Pepero Game" In Happy Together

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s variety program “Happy Together” that aired on December 9, members of Kara and 2AM appeared together and held exciting couple games, and their couple match ups attracted viewers’ attention.

Seul Ong presented a sexy wave dance and expressed a positive feeling towards Koo Ha Ra, and Koo Ha Ra had her curiosity aroused enough to waver between choosing Cho Kwon and Seul Ong.

Seul Ong and Koo Ha Ra finally became a couple and played a “Pepero game” together. They had participated in the game too enthusiastically, so their lips approached too closely, even almost touching, which made the other cast members surprised. After finishing the game, they became bashful and could not look at each others’ faces. Even though the other couple, Cho Kwon and Seung Yeon, put up a good fight, Seul Ong and Ha Ra won the game and became the "best couple."

On the program, cast members formed a couple team -- Jeon Hyun Moo and Kyu Ri, Cho Kwon and Seung Yeon, Nichole and Jin Won, and Chang Min and Ji Young -- and held various couple matches while presenting their talents in entertaining.'