[News] FT Island’s Choi Jonghun, “I’m the Leader, not Lee Hongki”

FT Island’s leader, Choi Jonghun, disclosed his hurt feelings.

At the recent recording set of KBS 2TV “100 Points Out of 100″, Choi Jonghun revealed that many people have thought that Lee Hongki is the band’s leader. He said that he came on this show with the intention to tell everyone that he’s the leader of FT Island and not Lee Hongki.

While member Lee Hongki said that, many people have mistaken him as the leader of the band, Choi Jonghun gave him a warning by saying, “Be quiet,” showing off his charismatic leadership qualities.
This will air on 11th December, at 5.15pm.
Credit: Newsen + ying100 5@ withtreasures (EngTrans)