[News] Eunhyuk, 100% striking resemblance "Imitation of Anna"

During the recording of MBC which will be broadcasted on the 15th, Eunhyuk played as "Superstar KBS" Anna, at the comedic concert section.

Eyes half covered, (together with) the twisted postures posed a striking resemblance to Anna, attracting laughter from the audience through the imitation. Other than the female comedic actress Anna, the imitation of Kim Jung Seo (,) singer of too, attracted laughter.

Eunhyuk performed sunbae Kim Jung Seo's in , however though with the (imitated) appearance of Kim Jung Seo, Eunhyuk's own changed voice led to the members who were standing at the side, to burst out into laughter uncontrollably.

every week (,) a senior sunbae will be invited (to the show), (appearing in) the section (named) "Professional sunbae talk show". On that day (,) the singer who attracted attention during the 90th century (,) Kim Jung Seo and Kim Jung Min showed their affection for the 4 MCs as singers.

After which, in order to show their grattitude (,) the 4 MCs including Eunhyuk, put up a special stage. When Eunhyuk appeared on stage (,) his appearance gained cheering from the audience. In regards to the appearance, Kim Jung Seo rebutted "When did I look like this?" Even so (,) the striking resemblance of the minor details was 100% hilarious. That aside, Leeteuk, Shindong, Kyuhyun too, performed HIT songs of the 2 sunbaes, and left a great impression on them.

Source: tvdaily.co.kr
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