[News] Co-Ed Girl Unit New Member, Seo Eunkyo's Role Model

Mixed group called Co-Ed with 10 members announced that they're going to released a girl unit called 5Dolls on January. Their new member Seo Eunkyo said that her role model is Boa.

Co-Ed finally revealed their unit called 5Dolls that will debut on January. 5Dolls include all Co-Ed's girl members and 1 more new member called Seo Eunkyo.

Seo Eunkyo who will debut in entertainment industry through 5Dolls said, "I was surprised when I woke up in the morning, because I was #1 in the search item. I haven't make my debut yet, but I'm thankful already because of all the attention."

Then she also said, "I've been dancing for 11 years. In the future, I will also work harder to get recognition. Senior BoA is my role model. For her dancing skill, singing skill, and charisma in stage. I will prepare my hardest. And please watch over me nicely."

Meanwhile, 5Dolls will debut on January with a song from Brave Brothers.

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