[News] Cast members of "The Fugitive Plan B" doing volunteer work

[Dec-01-2010]Including Rain, the leading cast members of "The Fugitive Plan B" stand together, doing volunteer work.

All the leading cast members, 'Jung Ji Hoon'(Rain), 'Lee Na Young', 'Daniel Henney', ‘Lee Jung Jin', etc, of Korean blockbuster drama series "The Fugitive Plan B", have decided to hit it off really well and engage in charity work before the drama is over.

Since there are only a couple more days until the end of the drama, emptiness is overcoming the members who have striven to shoot the drama over the past 5 months, so they have decided to have a meeting regularly.

In particular, they all heartily agree with what Rain says, "Combining a meeting with doing some good things such as handing foods around poor people or visiting orphanages, makes no vacancies."

The drama officials expressed, "Each of them has become more than a friend to each other as the drama has been filmed on location abroad for 3 months. All of them, including 'Jung Ji Hoon', are very busy with their own activities and sometimes it can be hard to spend some time with each other, but I think they have decided to take this opportunity to promote friendship between them, doing something good."

Meanwhile, as the drama has demonstrated surprising grit before the end of it, rating for it (by Nielsen Media Research) has increased continuously.

credit to Daily Sports news.nate.com

Brief translation by rain bird.