[News] BEAST's Kikwang showed off anger when his kiss scene was taken by Doojoon

[Newsen Park Junghyun Reporter]
The story behind BEAST’s Lee Kikwang getting his kiss scene during a photo shoot taken by Yoon Doojoon had been revealed.
In MBC ‘Section TV’ broadcasted on the 19th of December, the scene of BEAST’s first solo concert was revealed. During an interview, the issue of Yoon Doojoon’s exclusive photoshoot came up.
However it was revealed that the main character behind the photoshoot was supposed to be Lee Kikwang. But then minutes before the actual photoshoot, it was taken away from him by Yoon Doojoon. To this the members stated, “You could have clearly seen that Lee Kikwang was mad.”
Yoon Doojoon had stated before that the members were jealous of him, but the members revealed, “We were not jealous. If you get jealous, then you already lost. We were just observing close by.”
Meanwhile in the broadcast, the performance of BEAST was aired as well. The concert with 10,000 fans was a complete success. However, perhaps it was because of the nervousness, Yoon Doojoon had fallen during in the midst of the performance. Despite the fall, there was a smile on his face and the fans had enjoyed the show as well.