[NEWS] BEAST's GiKwang likes SNSD's Yoona!

BEAST Lee Ki Kwang confessed that he likes Girl’s Generation Yoona, following the confession he did earlier that he likes Miss A Min.

On ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Hot Brothers’ broadcasted on December 5th, under the motto of “If you try, you can do it”, they carried out there first misson, ‘Being a teacher in country’s branch school’ for the season 2.

The day’s mission was considered successful if they hear the students say ‘Teacher don’t go’after being the teacher of the branch school. If they fail to hear that with the 3 chances they have, they have to do marine corp training or sky diving.

Tak Jaehoon, Park Hwuisoon, and Lee Kikwang took the lower class after a skills test before teaching.
Especially Park Hwuisoon who was responsible for teaching math used idol groups as an example. First, he asked one student who is your favorite member in Girl’s Generation. The student answered “Jessica”. Then he asked Lee Kikwang and there was a silence.

Park Hwuisoon made a point by saying “Are you troubled that there will be an article about it”.
To that Lee Kikwang replied “I’m scared” and thought about it for a while and answered carefully “Yoona ssi”. Upon hearing that, the students in the branch school said “First I liked Yoona but now I like Jessica” and created a laughter.

On the other hand, ‘Hot Brother’ members presented a new format by communicating with students in the country’s branch school and abandoning things like avatar blind date, jumping from the reality to virtual, and etc.