[News] 4Minute's 'LIVE Energy Vol. 2 DIAMOND' in Japan

On the 4th December, 4,000 fans attended 4Minute's second concert in Japan, '4minute LIVE Energy Vol. 2 DIAMOND'. The fandom was evident as fans were queueing 5 hours before the concert. They started off the show with their hit songs 'Muzik', 'HUH', and 'I My Me Mine' followed by their own solo efforts or otherwise, their own takes of popular songs.

GaYoon lit up the stage with her peformance of 'Deja Vu' while JiHyun earned cheers from the male fans. Not forgetting maknae Sohyun who, displayed a different side of her, with 'London Bridge' and Hyuna peforming her mega dance hit, 'Change'. JiYoon also displayed her tomboyish style by transforming into a rocker and mesmerised the crowd with her unique charm.

They wrapped up the concert by saying (loose transalation): It's only our second concert but everyone's acting like they have known us for a long time. Thank you for your support and watch us soon for more.

Source: NATE
Transalating + Editing + Reporting: snowyCEgun@4-minute.com