[news] 4minute HyunAh and JiHyun's cameo in a movie

A few months earlier, we reported that HyunAh along with JiHyun will be making a special cameo in a thriller movie called 'Late Night FM'. All of us wondered, what are their roles in the movie? Well, the questions have all be answered as the movie were released recently. Check it out below:

From the cuts, it seems like both of them are making a brief appearance as a radio guest to Lee ShinYoung's slot, one of the co-workers to the main character. Although their screen time is short, it's still pleasant to watch them making an entrance to the movie scenes slowly.

Source: kueensora@4-minute.com + Justina@4-minute.com
Reporting + Editing: Capri@4-minute.com
Video Credit: hityourheart2@youtube.com