> [NEWS] 101217 Jay gifts 100 padding jackets to his SidusHQ family

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Park Jaebum passed on his warmth by gifting padding jackets to his company family.

Park Jaebum recently added more warmth by presenting sidusHQ's, the company he belongs to, employees with 100 padding jackets as a Christmas present. Because of these special gifts from Park Jaebum, the company has apparently already felt the 'Christmas atmosphere'.

Park Jaebum said, "For the company family who tries so hard for me, I wanted to show my thanks. Coincidentially, Christmas was also close up at hand so I think it can be more of a meaningful gift. The weather's very cold, but I hope that it can be a winter where the heart can be warm".

Park Jaebum, who has added more warmth through his presents, is having a touring concert around the country starting the 24th of December with Supreme Team, Mighty Mouth, and Dok2. This concert, which is opening with the name '2010 White Love Party Concert', will be held together with the fans of Seoul, Daejun, Busan, Daegu, Kwangju, all around the country.

Through the concert, Park Jaebum is set to show about 10 songs including 'Count on Me', 'Bestie', 'Speechless', etc. Also, the variety-like bboying performance is set to present fans with a special stage, giving a special memory for the end of year 2010.

On the other hand, Park Jaebum has confirmed his hot popularity by taking '2010 Naver Male Solo Most Searched #1', announced by Naver Music.