[NEWS] 101210 Supporting the "Beasts"... Ranking of the Next Break-Through Male K-POP Groups, 2PM

Today on Dec. 10 (FRI), RecoChoku announced the "Ranking of the Next Break-Through Male K-POP Groups" according to a user poll.

90% of the voters for this latest ranking were female and 2PM, who transmitted their Arrival Movie, released their DVD, and made their Japanese debut in November, were the ones who gathered the most votes. 2PM are a 6 membered group who are praised as "Beast Idols" and "Asia's Strongest Boys Group" because of their forged bodies and intense performances that overflow with energy. Their Arrival Movies that opened up their season in Japan managed the brilliant acheivement of monopolizing the TOP 5 spots on the [RekoChoku] rankings for two consecutive days after the beginning of their transmission. It could be said that, "in recent years, there has been a lot of Herbivore Boys*; women are wishing for Beast Idols" (20yr old, female) and fervent support has been gathering now that there are groups with vigor.

In second place ranks Supernova, with their model-like style and their sweet faces, they are highly esteemed for their capable dancing and singing. "Because everyone can speak Japanese and they have touching characters, I think they'll absolutely break-through." (40 yr old, female) It seems those personalities are being paid attention to. While there are many dance and vocal groups, the only one that ranked is FTIsland, in 5th place. This year, in May, they carried out a major Japan debut and it seems that from now on, their popularity will swell more and more.

Ranking of the Next Break-Through Male K-POP Groups
-The Top 10 is being published in "RecoChoku Music News"

Polling Summary
-Polling Site: RecoChoku Music News
-Polling Time Period: 11/23-12/07 (14 day period)
-Number of Valid Votes: 1,455 Votes

*t/n: Herbivore Boys are young men who do not fit traditional male stereotypes and are considered less manly. They may also be kind, co-operative and family-oriented.

Source: RecoChoku Official Website
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org