[NEWS] 101129 Jay's first showcase in Thailand

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28th of November 2010
Time: 18:30 (6:30PM)
Place: Royal Paragon Hall Siam Paragon

A famous singer (Jay Park) has started the Fan meeting "Jay Park First Step in Thailand" for the first time in Thailand.

Jay Park has started off the fan meeting with his hit song "Nothing On U", along with the screaming and fanchants from all the Jaywalkerz that came to watch Jay that night, and Jay Park continued with the song "Demon" before starting to interact with the fans.

Jay: Hello! (Put both hands together *note its polite for thai people to greet each other this way*) I love everybody (says in thai)

Interviewer: How many times have you been to thailand?

Jay: 4 times, I want to go out clubbing, shopping, and go down to the beach, i want to go to the beach at Phuket *note its a island in thailand*

Interviewer: All the fans will wear bikinis while waiting for Jay at the beach, (asks the fans) what do you guys want jay to wear?

Fans: Bikinis as well, and a swimming cap and socks!

Jay: *smiles deviliously at the fans*

Interviewer: Is there anything you want to say to the Thai fans?

Jay: love you kiss kiss understand? (in thai)

Interviewer: We will now bring AOM team onto the stage and let them introduce themselves

AOM: Hello , so cute, i love you (in thai *note they're saying it randomly*)

Interviewer: I want AOM to gossip about Jay for us. *note: gossip = spill secrets*

AOM: Ever since Jay came to thailand, all he eats is Pad Thai (thai fried noodle), and also when he's in Seattle or in America he doesn't usually shower.
All he does is go massage and he considers that hygenic.

Jay: Everywhere we go, we always see the fans following us and giving us support, even at the airport. I would like to thank everyone for doing this.

Interviewer: This time i want Jay to gossip about AOM

Jay: Everytime when we watch a action movie or kung fu of any kind all these people would stand up and start doing the same action move as in the movie (jay stands up and show what he means)

Interviewer: What genre of music do you most like because now that you're a solo artist
Jay: Mostly hip hop and r&b

Interviewer: Do you like Thai girls? Which type?
Jay: OFCOURSE! I dont really have a type, if I see someone i like, i just like them

Interviewer: is there anyone here that you're particularily fond of tonight?
Jay: I have to get a better look at all of them *smiles*

*jay reads a sign that a fan has prepared*
Fan: Jay can you see me?
Jay: Yes, i can see you
Fan: am i beautiful girl?
Jay: Yes you are.
Fan: Will you marry me?
Jay: Maybe *smiles*

Interviewer: What else do you do with your free time except singing and b-boying?
Jay: games, i like Starcraft a lot, or i go out and find something to eat

Interviewer: How do you make yourself so perfect body wise?
Jay: The truth is right now i'm kind of busy, not so fit as before. But before i usually at least work out for 2 hours a day and i dance a lot so thats how i became so fit
Fan: *chants* TAKE IT OFF
Jay: in a little bit

After the interview Jay picked 4 lucky fans to go up on stage with him, the first fan asked Jay to draw for her, the second one got to touch Jay's nose along with taking a picture with Jay, and the third one got to pinch Jay and take a photo the last one got to hug jay.
Then after that Jay and AOM showed their hip hop dance moves, including, back flips, handstand, and then they continued with the song "madonna - secret", "good girl bad girl - miss a", "push - sistar" , and GNA. After they finished the parodies of these dances, Jay sang Just One Life, It's Me, Doin' Good, then he ripped his shirt in the middle of the performance, showing the tattoo "JAYWALKERZ" which is the name of his fanclub, this shows the love he has for his own fans, and his chocolate abs
Jay got to rest of a bit before continueing with the song "Besties" in which he promised the Thai fans "I will come back to find you guys again, i promise"

But the Thai fans didn't seem satisfied with the short fan meeting, so they chanted "JAY PARK JAY PARK", and seemed like Jay understood he ran back up the stage and started B-Boying with his crew before ending the show case.