[Info] SHINee's Special Message to their Japanese Fans

After their successful 2 rounds of concert on 26 December in Japan, SHINee left a message on their Official Website in Japan yesterday, concluding their concert with a sweet message.

Everyone from Japan, Nice to meet you! This is SHINee.
Yesterday, We were so happy that many fans came to our concert.
While we are practicing the songs in Japanese and MC-ing, we are really looking forward to our 1st live concert.
How was our live and our Japanese?
As what we told you earlier in the live concert, we are going to debut in Japan next year!!
In the spring of next year, We will show you different aspects of SHINee in music and performance . Please look forward to it!!
Please continue to love us and we will be glad if you cheer for us.
So, See you in Japan next year.
From SHINee

Japanese fans, Are you looking forward to their official debut on March next year?

source: shinee JP official website
English translation: winkme @ soompi