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Part 1/6


ENGLISH RECAPS by Egle @2pmalways.com

Happy together

Yoo Jaesuk says that the guests for the show are waiting in the show's waiting room, which is actually a WC (bathroom), and you can see 2PM guys cramped in there.

Dancing to I'll be back is rather uncomfortable because there's not enough space. And Chansung is continuously surprised that they keep on performing.

When Taec gets seating next to Shin Bongsun, Jaesuk says that "together with 5 2PM members and Bongsun's man. Park Myungsoo: Bong-nam. (as in Bongsun's man, but Bong also can mean a "pushover")

Bongsun: I hope we'll clap lots today, because then Taecyeon's arms would touch with mine.
Khun: Applause!!

They are asked to introduce themselves in a funny way and everyone feels pressure. Junho gets teased for simple introduction immediately. Nichkhun is saved because of his wink.

Junsu introduces himself as "Responsible for vocals" and demonstrates "vocals" by shouting out his name.

Chan: The pressure builds up little by little...
Jaesuk: Just do it freely
Chan: Hello, I'm Chansung, who's responsible for aegyo in 2PM. Eung *pushes Wooyoung*
*no reaction*

Wooyoung says he's really glad to be on Happy Together and his expectations are high,
and he drops his name (Wooyoung-gun) in a matter-of-fact fashion at the very end.

When it's Taec's turn, Park Misun says: rip your clothes for real...

After Taec's introduction Junho looks really lost and they allow him to try again.

Junho says: I'm Junho who's just responsible/taking care of 2PM. (or could be understood
as he's taking care of this and that at random)

Then they talk about how Junsu, Chan and Wooyoung appear on Happy Together for the 1st time.

Junsu says he really didn't expect that filming takes place in a real bathhouse.

Wooyoung then raises a question: why 3 people who appear in the program for the first time are seated the furthest from the centre.

Bongsun: Then, who's gonna sit by me?
Wooyoung: ... ok.. next....

Then they talk about I'll be back. How it reached No. 1 spot the moment it was released.
Misun: Then it goes down as fast?
Taec says it's been No. 1 for 3 consecutive weeks (on K-chart)

Chan says that I'll be Back was actually written during AAA times.
They talk and Taec keeps on saying "yes yes yes..." and Bongsun points out that it's a bit distracting to have a reacting person at her side.

Jaesuk: Ah, but then why is it released only now?
Junho gets startled by a sudden question.
Jaesuk keeps on bugging him with "why only now, I'm really curious, please tell me"

Junho: Actually Jinyoung-hyung wrote around 10 songs, but we returned them all...
Jaesuk: You told that they wouldn't do to JYP?
Junho: That the songs weren't too good...
Jaesuk: TO JYP?!

Junho says that the titles just didn't feel right. So whenever they listened to a song, Taecyeon would then make a phone call and inform JYP that they don't like the song. Eventually, JYP doesn't pick up Taecyeon's calls anymore.

Jaesuk jokes that I'll be back has a secret message from JYP that he'll be back, you'll just watch....

Then they talk about the dance a little bit.

Jaesuk mentions that hearing the fans cheer there are times when you get excited and overreact. Taecyeon says he's done that quite a few times. Like during last year's end-of-year festival they even promised each other they wouldn't rip shirts, but Taecyeon just overreacted and ripped his.

The members didn't know that he ripped his shirt, because he was standing in the back and the others were up front. Taec says the he really wasn't supposed to rip his shirt it was supposed to be more like a tease, like "should I show you or not", but he over estimated his strength.

Bongsun comments perhaps the clothes were just too old and tattered at the slightest pull. (she uses a word which is like used to describe an old, fully fermented kimchi lol)

Jaesuk then asks about a gesture or an expression which causes louder cheers from fans.

Junho says he usually points at a fan who is up front, but once as he did the fan just looked away. Junho: I should've known though, she was holding a Wooyoung-placard.

Khun mentions that fans really like sexy wave and he gets asked to show it. They say that all the writers came to filming with make-up today. Myungsoo says he couldn't event recognize some of the women.

During Khun's performance you can see Wooyoung dying with embarassement. Then Khun explains that it's a sexy pelvis wave.

Junsu's special gesture is his lip-touching action during I hate U promotion. He asks Junho to help him and while singing Junho's voice cracks. He gets teased again.

Chansung says he had an action during concert when he did a rather sexual song for his solo performance. And he can't really show that on national broadcast.

Misun: Can't you just show it for us, and then they will edit it out later?

She then goes on joking with "How much [money] does it take [for you to show it]? (It's actually a line from a drama Won Bin is famous for xD)

Next: 2PM member true heart reveal time! Image Talk~

Everyone grabs onto a card because the one who holds the card is an MC. Everyone is greedy.

Question: Member who acts differently in front of women.
Taec and Junsu gets the most votes.

Khun says that in front of women Taec gets really lively and noisy and overacts a lot.

Junsu tells how after a broadcast when they greeted f(x) girls, Taec overacted with thanking for their hard work.

Taec explains he was following the tones of f(x)'s song.

Jaesuk: Ah and these two act for f(x)? *refers to Misun and Bongsun*
Myungsoo: Them two are simply X (no good).

Jaesuk: Ah, then why did you pick Junsu?
Junho: Um... let's hear from the other end first...

He says he feels really pressured sitting close to the MCs.

Junho says Junsu acts really soft in front of women. Usually he's very loud and talks in saturi, but when a woman appears he suddenly lowers his voice and becomes a lot calmer. Usually he's like: "Whut ya doin'?" but with women watching it changes into "What you do?"

Junsu explains that really with members he acts freely and uses saturi all the time, but when he is watched then it changes into somewhat awkward standard language.

Chansung picked Khun. He says that with women present Khun becomes even kinder. He offers his help in carrying heavy objects and stuff like that.

Misun says that if you treat women too kind, they might misunderstand, but Khun counters that they're having a hard time and he can't just watch.

Myungsoo asks if Khun curses when he gets angry.
Khun: Of course.
Misun: You know how to curse?
Junsu: He started learning from cursewords.

Caps: Everyone starts learning foreign languages from that

Misun: Who taught you cursewords the most?
*Khun glances at Junsu*

Junsu says that he was the first to meet Khun when he came to Korea, and it came to that he taught him some Korean, and he's really sorry that he began teaching him from cursewords.

But Khun thinks that one has to know cursewords as well. The important thing is not to use them. But it's good to know them when someone else uses them, in case the person curses you.

Then Jaesuk asks Wooyoung to pinpoint the differences in everyone's behaviour in women's presence, because Woo picked all members. He says it's natural, because they're all men.

Wooyoung's explanation:
Taecyeon - Excessive actions, eyes get bigger, full of adrenaline
Chansung - Becomes somewhat greasy, like an Italian. Carbonara eyes.
Junho - has sharp eyes so it feels like he pinpoints the woman with his stare.

Next Question: Member who's usually dissatisfied with JYP the most.

Everyone pics Taecyeon and Junho says that Taecyeon should explain this himself.

Taec says that rather than dissatisfaction, he tends to have lots of recommendations, and when they are asked for their own opinions, he just seems to be talking the most.

Then they say that if there's someone this responsible, there's also supposed to be someone who diverts attention, or is a bit of a wind-head. 2PM says there's no such member. Jaesuk *to Junho*: then why did you pick up a card with Chansung's name on it?

Junho: Chansung-ah... since I have to be funny today....

When they listen to songs, they all have their own reactions, but Taecyeon is the one who takes responsibility of relaying opinions to JYP. This time they rejected 17 songs before they got to I'll be back. MCs ask if JYP isn't angry with them.

Taec: That's why he doesn't pick up my calls.

Wooyoung says that Taec works as a representative, because he must feel responsibility
as a hyung.

*skip MCs banter*

Question: Member who's the most different from this image on TV.
Junsu and Wooyoung get the most votes. Khun picks himself.

He says it's because since he can't speak Korean well, he gets to be funny through various actions rather than words, and everyone asks him to show cute expressions, while in reality he's not that much of a cute guy.

MCs ask him to show manly expressions instead.
1st - "You're mine" expression.
Caps: but it's still pretty.....

Junho: That's why he doesn't like when people call him pretty.
Chansung explains his choice. He says that while on shows Wooyoung is really funny, and in reality he's rather serious, Junsu is the opposite. He's really serious on shows...

Everyone dies laughing, asking if he's making an image for himself. Junho jokes that he does and gets praised for his new-found variety-sense.

Chansung then finishes saying that Junsu is actually very funny

Wooyoung says that whenever they're on show or radio broadcast, rather than being funny Junsu stays quite and tends to act serious. And when Wooyoung says "hyung, just act freely", Junsu answers with "Ah, is it necessary to be funny?" (they laugh because of the way Wooyoung says it).

And then once the filming is over Junsu returns to his usual loud Daegu-citizen self.

Chansung also says that during broadcasts Junsu's really composed, but once the camera's are off he's a complete opposite.

Jaesuk asks what was Junsu's nickname in his school days.

And when Junsu starts explaining they tease that his voice is back into the "broadcast mode again". Junsu says he was to be a bang-song-man (broadcast man lol)

Wooyoung says that in variety reaction is very important and Junsu is the best at it. He says that whatever they're doing, even if it's not funny, Junsu's expressions are really impressive.

And they keep on teasing him with the new bansong-man nickname. Junho says Junsu made up this on the spot.

Junsu says that he didn't really have any nicknames in school days, and his friends just played on his name calling him "Jundyu".

Everyone dies laughing.

Wooyoung: Hyung, see, you're a charming person!
Junho: I actually am very jealous when he can be so funny just by talking.
Junsu: Why do you want to be funny so much?

Little by little Junsu's saturi is coming out. They say that his talking style is so unique it's possible to do imitations of him (which they try out immediately). MCs encourage Junsu to act freely and he says: I'm feeling really at ease.

Everyone dies again. Junsu doesn't get what's so funny. But it's just the way he speaks that they find funny.

They talk how it's the first time when Junsu acts so funny on a show, and Myunsu tells him to use saturi, to which Junsu replies that he's already do that.

Happy Together, Junsu special.

Question: Members with the most secrets.
Everyone picks Junsu.

Jaesuk: Do you think that you have the most secrets?
Junsu: I think that everyone has his own secrets, it's just that perhaps I get discovered
the most.

Junho says that one of his discovered secrets was that Junsu used to wear shoe-lifts.
No he doesn't.

Khun says that Junsu doesn't take off his black tank-top.
Taec: It's one with Junsu!!
Khun: It's his skin.

Junsu shows that he's wearing it even during the filming. He starts explaining, and
saturi comes out and everyone dies laughing again.

Wooyoung: Ah~ Today's really refreshing!!

Junsu explains that he had to go to hospital once for wearing synthetic clothes, they got stuck to his skin or something, so no matter what one has to wear cotton clothes, which are skin-friendly.

Then Junsu gets teased for using a lower-register word for tank-top.

He says he chooses to wear a black tanktop because a white one gets tainted faster.

Misun asks if he wears the black tanktop 365 days a year.
Junsu: Not 365 days, more like 363 or smth...

The remaining two days just walk nude...

He says that he takes off that black tanktop, when he needs to wear white dress shirt, because black tee just too visible. (while explaining gets teased on his saturi again)

Then they ask how many black tanktops does he have. Taec says something like when he needs to change, he uses my black tanktop. Junsu says he used to have lots, 5 black tanktops. Everyone dies.
Junsu: Ya, 5 is a lot!!

Junsu gets teased for saturi again.

Caps: 5 tanktops for 1 year period is a bit... too few...

Myunsu asks if he coordinates his underwear color with the black tanktop and Junsu begins
talking about his jeans, and Wooyoung buts in "this is a 30-minute worth secret" (meaning

Chansung says that Junsu wears his pants really low and his underwear is visible almost
all the time. So he used to coordinate underwear color with the pants color.

Bongsun: So when people see it they wonder whether it's underwear or pants?
Junsu: Exactly!!

And Junsu mostly tried to use black pants.
Taec: And he had only one pair of black pants!

Since there's not much of a choice, Junsu's wardrobe wasn't that diverse and one day
Khun asked: "Junsu-yah~ why do you keep wearing the same thing every day?"

Junsu retells the question in Daegu accent and everyone dies again.

Khun: Yeah, just yesterday I asked "Junsu-yah, don't you have pants? Why do you keep
wearing the same thing?"

Junsu then says that he can't really wear purple underwear to match with purple pants.

Bongsun: And it's kind of difficult to find purple panties.
Junsu: Eh? But I have two...
Wooyoung: What is up with that hyung?!

When they keep on being surprised about the purple underwear business, eventually
Junsu explodes: Yah~ why do you pretend you don't know.

Wooyoung and Chansung die.

Wooyoung explains that everyone feels really refreshed, because Junsu is behaving
differently on a broadcast now.

Junsu is born once again. First time seeing him like this.

Then Time for Star Quiz!!

1st question: What Junsu wrote to his first love in the 2nd grade in primary school.

Chansung gets the correct answer. Junsu wrote "I want to hug/hold you"

Junsu gets asked how a 2nd grader can have thoughts like that. Junsu says he doesn't really know why he wrote that. The girl was transfered from another school, and she was sitting in front of him. And she had a sort of heat rash on her neck. For some reason it made his heart flutter.

The reply he got was "merong" =P

But his mother got to see the letter and got really worried.

Bongsun asks if he got to develope (mature) fast if he met a nuna. Junsu says that all the girls he liked were nunas to him (from one to 3 years difference)

The last time he had a GF was quite long ago, and she cheated on him. He says that their relationship was a bit like AAA song, because he gave everything and kept on returning to her, but she just cheated on him nevertheless.

2nd question about Junsu again.
Junsu thinks that he's the most sexy when he does what?

Everyone's a bit dumbfounded.

Wooyoung guesses: Saturi
Junsu: What's so sexy about saturi.....

Taec: Junsu, when are you sexy really? *doubtful*
Junsu *anger*: Not your opinion, me me, when I think I'm sexy.
Wooyoung: Taecyeonie-hyung, on your knees!!

Wooyoung gets the right answer which is - jumping a rope.

Wooyoung: Ah, it's a bit embarassing to take this (ham and tuna cans)
Junsu: Why? Just take it~ *in saturi*

Members don't really get it. Taec says he hasn't seen Junsu skipping rope ever.
Junsu: Yah, I don't care about you, it's what I THINK when I'm sexy. I think I look
kinda fine when I'm jumping a rope.

Junsu demonstrates how it looks and they ask if he thinks he looks sexy.

Junsu: Yeah, it's kinda good.

Then they ask about him doing sports and Junsu says that he couldn't engage into real sports lately, because he hurt his knee during practice and recently mangle his finger.

Taec says it's samjae this year (meaning three years of misfortune in 2010 for those born in the years of monkey, rat and dragon).

Junsu says he used to think he was born in the year of dragon. But then he found out that according to the Lunar calender, as he's an early 88'er, he was born in the year of Rabbit.

He found out that only 2 months ago. And he says that Khun and Taec are dragons, and it's samjae for them, but why are they doing so well then?

Chansung dies laughing.

Myungsu asks about the samjae for rabbit-year-borns, and Junsu comments on his thoughtful consideration, while in reality Myunsu asked out of the blue, and everyone dies laughing again.

Then Junsu gets asked about his brother Junhyun. He's serving at the Marine Corps right now. Jaesuk offers Junsu to send his brother a video message and Junsu brightens up immediately.

Junsu: The time has come. The time has come. My brother really went through hardships.
Jaesuk: Send him some strength.
Junsu: Ah, but he gets released pretty soon.

He sends the message in saturi. He also mentions he's sorry for not being a female idol, because female idols are very popular in the army. He says he'll take care of the brother when he gets released from the army.

When asked how he's gonna do it. Junsu says: I'll just give him more pocket money.

3rd question about Wooyoung

Wooyoung thinks that JYP looks?

Junho guesses "Orangutan" and they tease him that he might get in trouble for that.

Chan guesses: "sea turtle"

Khun guesses right "Good-looking"

Misun: really?
Chansung: What's wrong with you?

Wooyoung explains that he doesn't consider him exceptionally handsome, just that JYP has his own charm.

They talk how JYP has never thought he was somewhat lacking in looks department, and Junho says it's a type of self-hypnosis.

Junho then says that usually they get asked whether they think JYP looks like a monkey, but he says that when you meat him in person, he really looks handsome and charming.

Don't laugh sauna!!

Jaesuk asks what's the most difficult thing when you live together in a dorm.

Junho says it's the hardest to wait in line for bathroom. They have 2.

They say that Junsu stays the longest there, but Junsu objects. He says it's the story of times past. (in saturi, everyone dies).

Khun says it's hard when others don't get up in the morning. When asked who finds it hardest to wake up, Khun looks at Junsu.

They ask Junsu why he doesn't wake up and Junho addresses him in plain forms.
Junsu: Ni? (plain "you"). Oh right, here we need to use banmal....

Then they talk that they saw 2PM members in club and in a theatre watching movies with girl groups. Junsu says it's "big news" in saturi and they laugh again.

Then they talk about how Junsu and Taec share a 2-storey-bed.

Junsu says he's using the upper bunk, which is very unconfortable, but for that he gets to utilize the rest of the room for himself. Taec says that the only space he has is his bunk, the rest is Junsu's.

Junsu says that when other people wake up in the morning they take out eye boogers and stuff, but he has to use the ladder all the time. He says: Do you know what it feels like?

They ask if Taec really doesn't have anything else.
Taec: I have 2 drawers for clothes.
Junsu: 3 drawers, I gave 2 to you. Because I still have conscience.

Taec: if you had conscience you'd give me half of the room!
Junsu: Yah, you sleep on the 1st floor, I'm on the 2nd. What you do in the morning? I use the ladder...

They talk that they were jealous of Taec acting in a drama, not because of Moon Geun Young, but because he got to used Saturi, and he learned it from Junsu and Wooyoung.

Wooyoung says that since Junsu is from Daegu and he is from Busan, they got into arguments while teaching Taec their saturi, what's right and what's wrong.

They get into a discussion of Busan and Daegu dialects and they start saying that Daegu dialect is softer, but Wooyoung says that Junsu likes to think that Daegu saturi is stronger and more violent than Busan's.

Junho talks about his mistake on stage, how a long time ago, his pants burts during 10/10 performance and his fluorescent green underwear showed up.

Wooyoung tells about Junsu's Bo Peep Bo Peep incident.

Then they bend they fingers if they correspond to description. The one who bends all 5 fingers, get sprayed by water.

1) Bangsong-man
2) Kyungsangdo men (here they argue if Taec can apply because he was born in Busan)
3) 2PM
4) Brother in Marine Corps
5) Good-looking people

Junsu: *at Taec* What are you doing? Bend your finger.

He says he doesn't consider himself good-looking, and tells Chan, Khun and Taec to bend
fingers. "People with double-eyelids bend!!"

6) The person who exploded the most today *see Khun and Chan moving away from Junsu*

Second version is saying hard words. 1st person says once, 2nd - twice and etc.

- The End -