[Videos] Kangin performs 'Sorry Sorry' and 'A Short Journey' at JinJoo Army Concert

We've seen news and pictures of Super Junior member Kangin active in the army and many army events. Recently pictures of him and Super Junior members surfaced. These pictures were pictures taken during his short vacation after 100 days in the military.

Yesterday, there was an Army concert held in Jin Joo, and Kangin performed in it. Although he performed alone, there were many ELFs who lent him their support as part of the audience. At this concert, he sang Super Junoir's hit song Sorry Sorry as well as A Short Journey, which is one song he sang in that is in the 4th Album, Bonamana.

As expected, many fancams of him performing these 2 songs have been uploaded onto Youtube, check them out below:

Sorry Sorry

A Short Journey

Of course, Kangin will continue to be a part of 13-member group Super Junioreven in the army!

Video Credits for Sorry Sorry Fancam:
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Re-Uploading by dao_dong @ Z-zest.com

Video Credits for A Short Journey Fancam:

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