[Video + News] SHINee Onew at Park Kyung Lim’s "Starry Night"

SHINee Onew went on Park Kyung Lim’s "Starry Night" on MBC yesterday and have drawn a lot of attention from netizens.

It was seen that his hairstyle had changed. Previously, Onew had long hair, up to sleeve-length & many fans were irritated by his hair, wanting him to cut it as he looks uncomfortable with it. Fans are all very happy now as Onew finally have time to go for a more comfortable haircut.

Let's look at Onew's hair previously at the latest Hello Fan Party in Thailand:

And yesterday:Although he was wearing a cap, the length of his hair had changed, which can be seen easily.
Many fans wanted him to take off his cap so they could see his new haircut.

There are a lot of anticipation, are you excited to see his new haircut too?

Also, Onew performed a song with Kim Yeon Woo. If you didn't know, previously they sang together for SHINee's "Year Of Us" Album, titled "The Name I Loved". It's been long since they last sang a duet together as SHINee was busy with their "Lucifer" & "Hello" Album promotions.
Nevertheless, they finally met together on a radio show & sang a duet! The title of the song is "This is the moment".
It was a song well sang by the both of them, each having a voice of their characteristics.

Can't wait to hear it?
Here it is!

Onew also sang "Clean Up":

If you want the FULL Video of him at Park Kyung Lim’s "Starry Night", it's here.
There are 7 Parts. (Click on the Parts to open it)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 7

Credits: vivioncifer & shineelucifer500 @ YT
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