[Video] Miss A teaching their dance for "Breathe"

On October 28, 2010 This video was uploaded up on youtube, displaying Miss A members Min, Jia ad Fei teaching their dance tutorial, step by step for their song "Breathe" in one of JYPE practice rooms. This is great for those who had submitted in their videos for the contest that AQE company has with the kpop gossip site Allkpop.

Suzy is absence, we believe it's either school or a individual schedule that she's having. We're not sure but in the video, the girls are singing and dancing, while teaching us step by step how to dance to their song "Breathe".

If you haven't notice, Jia cut her hair so she has a bob hair now. She still looks good though you can see the black roots on the top of her head, the same goes for Fei. They're dressing in casual clothes, sweat pants, while jeans for Fei. We don't know how she can dance with it in a long time, but hopefully it wasn't due to the fabric and stiffness of the jeans.

Yes, Min seems to love those UGG boots ^^

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Reporting: Adora @ultimate-adora.com