[Video] Kim Hee Chul and Narsha danced to Miss A's "Breathe"

Kim Hee Chul (Super Junior) who is known for dancing to girl group's songs. This time he danced to Miss A "breathe" during a break where the song was played on his SBS radio show.

He introduced the song in the beginning by singing some of the verses before it was played for the audience to hear. During when the song was played, he didnt hesitate to dance to it while sitting in his chair and the camera was rolling. If you watched closer, he even lip synched to it.

source: 5uperJunior @youtube.com
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BEG Narsha singing and dancing to Miss A's "Breathe"

On a radio show, which Super Juniors members are DJs of. BEG Narsha did a cover of Miss A's "Breathe", while singing to it, she even danced their dance routine. We think she did well with her amazing vocals and that she seemed to have really fun while dancing and singing to it a the radio station. Even though she messed up the rap, but who am we kidding? she was not trained to rap.

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