[Video] JYJ fans frustrated as the member of Taiwanese show called Kim Junsu "Kim Pig"!

In the latest episode of Taiwan show "Wo Ai Hei She Bang Bang Tang",a quiz section was carried out during the recording of the show.

Some questions concerning KPOP and JPOP were asked on the show.JYJ's fans were frustrated when the members on the show make fun of the members' name.

First of all,they called Kim JaeJoong "Golden Bell" since "Joong" means "Bell" in mandarin.Besides,when the MCs asked about the name of the baby in SHINee's Hello Baby,someone wrote "YooChun" instead of "YooGeun",then she asked who YooChun is.

The most frustrating one is shown at 4.36 where the girl wrote Kim Pig instead of Kim Junsu.They were asked to guess who the person in the photo is,she said that the person's nose looks like a pig so that's the reason why she wrote the answer as Kim Pig.

As a fan of both KPOP and CPOP,i sincerely hope that things like this won't happen in the future,fans need respect,hope that we can create an anti-less world in the future!

Written and Shared by Kacey @ DKPOPNEWS.NET