[UFO] 101110 UFO replies

[NielChunjiRickyL.JoeC.A.PChangjo] What should I change my nickname to? Choose one!! I'll take it!<3
[Ricky] Fresh Ricky~~~~^ㅇ^

[Ricky] Ricky-ya noona loves you so much ㅠㅜㅠ I'll take care of you foreverㅜㅜㅜ!!!! For real!!
[Ricky] hehe can u really do what you said???

[FANS]I really loved only Changhyun, Ricky you are the one who gives me this pain~~ Ricky-ya you know what is it??> <<3♥
[Ricky] Ah hehe It's Seo Taiji sunbaenim's song hehehe It's funny hehe {T/N: It's Seo Taiji's Nan arayo}

[Chunji] Receive my love~<3
[Chunji] So please continue to love me ♥

[ChunjiL.JoeNielRickyChangjo] Teen Top do reply me! It's Minsoo oppa's birthday what should I do over!!
[Ricky] Ricky replied over!!!! hehe

[Ricky] Tonight I'll take away your cuteness -AngelGirlNeti
[Ricky] If you take my cuteness what will I doㅠㅠ

[Ricky] Phew~~~~~~~ Don't cheat on me ♥.<3>

[FANS]Niel oppa! Yester at Dangjin did you saw the 'Niel is mine' sign~??
[Niel] Of course I saw it kk ^^

[Chunji] Right now I'm at the student self study oppa.. do you hear me oppa!!
[Chunji] You have to study hard kk

[L.Joe] Byeonghunie oppa~ Oppa in my class you are the most popular! kk L.Joe's generation!!! -AdamJuyeong~
[L.Joe] Woah!!! For real? I'm happy now!!

[L.Joe] Oppa studying is really tiringㅠㅜ And I want to see you I love you ♥
[L.Joe] I want to see you too... ㅠ

[FANS]Changjo oppa ^^My nickname is BultaengJonghyun, do you know what's the meaning of BultaengJonghyun?<3
[Changjo] You're my bulsal {T/N: idk what is a bulsal nor a bultaeng rofl}

[RickyChangjo] My friends of the same age (?)~ I'm turning off my phone and going to study hehe hiatus~~~~~~~!
[Ricky] Fighting!!!!!!!

[FANS]♥ Changjo♥ My hand is cold~ Ggong! My feet are cold~ Ggong! It's because of the winter~ Ggong! Ggong! Ggong!! Be careful to not be frozen!!
[Changjo] Yeah hehe

[Chunji] It's been 100 days since I kissed {T/N: On the cheek ofc rofl} Chunji ♥ Let's be together forever!! And I have some eye problem.. ㅠIt hurtsㅠ
[Chunji] Let's go together forever kk Me too I have a cold ㅜ.ㅜ Be careful of the cold~

[FANS]Chunji Chanhee you don't know noona's feelings who want to see you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
[Chunji] Then first take out Niel from your nickname please hehehehe ^^

Niel-ah~ don't perm your hair I tried to draw Niel's straight hair ㅎ_ㅎ Do you like it??? hehe
[Niel] You drew it perfectly kk It looks like flower-Niel ^^

[Changjo] Changjo-ya you're handsome!! You've always been handsome!! You're the best!!kk - Bokkyung♥
[Changjo] Thank you he

Source : Teen Top Daum Cafe | Credit : BGSS2Maknae@6teensontop.com