[Twitter] Shindong's girlfriend Nari tweet about Shindong's injury

Super Junior member Shindong's girlfriend, Nari has tweeted through twitter that her boyfriend is injured.
Her tweet seems to be a message to her boyfriend:

ShinDong has strain his shoulder ligament badly and (his) shoulder is very swollen. Even though (they) had bandaged it and your wrist is also bandaged but the pain is so bad that it will also hurt when you coughã…  (Doctor) said that you need to rest for 4 weeks but after eating 'Anodyne' you continue with your schedule..Please don't get hurt again!!

Shindong must have hurt his shoulder while doing judo with group member Eeteuk which explains why both of them are injured. Read the article about eeteuk injury here:.

Lets hope both of them will get well soon!

Credits: 13elieveSG@twt
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