[Twitter] Leeteuk, ' I broke my finger but i'm ok!'

At about 6 pm last night, the fans of Super Junior member Eeteuk broke out in cold sweat as they started to worry about their idol. Rumours have been going around saying that Eeteuk has broken his finger while doing judo with Shindong. The idol himself has confirmed through twitter at around 2am today that the rumour is true.

He tweeted this:

I broke my finger(,) 4th finger on my left hand..ㅠㅠJust trying hard to live...^^;; anyway!!!I'm ok!!!I'm still young(,) I will get well soon..ㅋㅋI have to go to Asia Tour this week!!Strong Teuki!! http://twitpic.com/35x9pi

Fans were worried that he might not be able to perform at their concert, Super Show3 in Nanjing which was going to take place on the 13th. Many commented saying, ' Get well soon, oppa.' It looks like his injury won't affect his schedule and he will be attending the concert in Nanjing.

Credits: Jungsooaddicts@twitter
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