[TWITTER] 101101 Mika's Tweets

가람이가 좀 아팠어요....입원했었는데 지금은 퇴원하고 오늘 무사히 방송 끈내고 왔습니다!!아픈와중에도 아픈내색안하고 잘견딘 가람이가 대견스럽네요^^빨리 회복하길...ㅠㅠ

Karam was a little sick.... He went to the hospital but now he is discharged and we have done our schedule safely!! Even though he was sick, he didn't show it on his face and did well the schedule^^ Hurry get well soon...ㅠㅠ*

* ㅠㅠ is like crying face

Credit: Injun's Twitter (source) + Jeannie♡ @enchanteDNA (translator)