[Trans]2PM Japan Debut Special Interview For Haru Hana Magazine

Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways | Photos credit: Junsu.kr [Take out with full credits]

2PM Japan Debut Special Interview For Haru Hana Magazine

Manly stage performance is what we want to show
2PM, the popular group from Korea, has reached the top of korean music industry in a flash. After making a debut in September 2008 with powerful performance and beast-like image, they’re titled as “beastly idols”. We have asked about their debut in Japan as they’re the most outshining among K-pop idols.

Chansung : We’ve been blessed and are very thankful. Many Korean singers have come to work in Japan so we’ll try as hard as our seniors have done
Wooyoung : I don’t want to lose the feeling which I had before debut. Of course, I do have the greed of becoming popular in Japan yet wondering how our music is going to be recognized.
Nichkhun : Firstlyomebody, Japanese culture and language is indeed in need. And later, I’ll work hard to make ourselves and each member known

The words “Beastly idols” were created for 2PM, what does it mean to them exactly?

Taecyeon : That’s what we’re called. I’m grateful for such an honor since the word “beast” is originally implied to [Scream!!! Beast] this kind of situation (laughs). But we’re called in a good way which became broadly recognized. That’s why I’m grateful!
Wooyoung: I think the image of beastly idols is what grabs Japanese’ attentions. So I want to perform manly, powerful and passionate such stage for everyone
The first solo concert in Seoul and Pusan last summer, which later followed by an encore concert, were successful.

Junsu: We prepared it in short time, I think we did it pretty well. Many people had come and enjoyed it. It’s joyful
Junho : That was our first solo concert and there were only our fans in the hall. I was very happy. A lot of Japanese fans also attended the concerts. I wish we would have one in Japan soon.
Khun: Having a good concert isn’t easy, there’re things that we still lack of. Nonetheless, being with fans is very delightful.

The solo stages were their own ideas to present the their true selves. Let’s hear the behind the story from them!

Taecyeon : Chansung took off his shirt (laughs)

Chansung : I was worried about what to do on solo stage. The others had plan of singing, dancing and playing instruments. What was left for me, I thought. Then I

noticed that taking off shirt was still left out (laughs) You can’t expect 2PM without masculine image (laughs)
Taecyeon : You did it on purpose (laughs)
Chansung : Since someone had to do it so I sacrificed myself (laughs)
Junho : In the concert, we made a parody of [Cinderella’s sister] didn’t we? Once my Japanese gets better, I wish it would be made in japanese

During this interview, the ability of speaking Japanese has been shown. They tell us that they’re earnestly learning it in order to make a debut in Japan

Junsu: I can get the idea of the conversation but to speak is still difficult. I used to tweet in Japanese in Twitter yet it wasn’t good enough so I asked some helps from my friend who lives in Osaka

The members all have their own twitters. When they were in Taiwan, they tweeted that members had been missing which became a hot topic

Taeceyon : I and Junsu shared a room. By the time we got back, he was nowhere to be seen and only his clothes were present so I took the picture of it. Later I called the others and we began to play “taking off your shirt then be gone” (laughs). You can say that Junsu started it. Wooyoung didn’t play with us because he was too sleepy (laughs)

Their close friendship becomes one of 2PM’s charms. They’re going to hold their first event on December 8th

Wooyoung : I think that’s it’s going to be first time for many people so it won’t be exceptionally special event. I just want to show the real 2PM!
Nichkhun : To all that live in Japan, we’ll meet soon! We’ll show our best so please wait!