[News]The reason the youngest group GP Basic, tears after the first broadcast

Youngest group GP Basic has burst into tears after their appearance on the 13th through MBC Music Program 'Music Core'.

With the debate going on saying that they were young, Janey has not stood up on the first stage because of the suggested age of the music program. On this day, GP Basic was without the maknae Janey and have performed, but the team members were crying in the waiting room after the performance. The reason why they were crying was because they felt sorry that the maknae Janey couldn't perform after all the hard things they've been through.

The agency representative has explained "The second single 'I Will Be There' is about waiting for the maknae Janey but the members were emotional about this subject".

GP Basic is made of 6 members with the 96er Hannah, Leah, Amet, Trinity, Zion and 98er maknae Janey.

Source: Nate
Translator: sundaymess @GPBasic
Credit: Xiatistic @GPBasic