[News]Avex talks about TVXQ’s revival and new K-pop contracts

Avex made some announcements on Wednesday regarding its contracts with several Korean artists, particularly TVXQ. That group, which has been on hiatus since April of this year, will be resuming activities with only two of its five members – Yunho and Changmin.

Contract issues led to a fallout between TVXQ’s members and their Korean management agency, SM Entertainment. Since April, the other three members of TVXQ – Junsu, Jejung, and Yuchun – have been signed with a different agency, and they have been performing under the name JYJ for several months. However, SM Entertainment stated that Yunho and Changmin “have not given up on the dream of TVXQ.” As a result, they will revive the TVXQ name in 2011.

Details of their activities are still unknown, but they are expected to restart in January. According to Sankei Sports, one source has said that a new song is already in production for a planned CD release in Japan.

Besides TVXQ, Avex has had contracts with two other SM Entertainment artists, BoA and J-Min, for several years. On Wednesday, they re-announced that they have completed exclusive contracts with two more artists, SUPER JUNIOR and f(x).

It was already revealed several weeks ago that SUPER JUNIOR will be holding three concerts at Yokohama Arena next February to accompany their debut release.


credits: onomatheydidn't