[News]Actor Ko Joo-won to enter military next week

Korean Actor Ko Joo-won [Open-World Entertainment]

Korean actor Ko Joo-Won will be entering the military on the 18 of November as part of his duty to enter the Korean army for two years, according to what Open-World Enterntainment has said.

He will begin basic training on 18 November next week at Nonsan training camp in South Chungcheong Province. His basic training will last for 4 weeks. After 29-year-old Ko Joo-Won completes his basic training, he will work as a publie service worker as the rest of his service.

"I was cautious since I was summoned for reservist duty but as a Korean citizen it is an obligation to fulfill my military duties," Ko Jo-Won said in his statement.

Ko Jo-Won made his debut through 'Punch', a SBS drama that aired in 2003. After his debut, he was also the cast of many other dramas like "My Lady","OB and GY" and recent popular historical drama "Kim So Roo". Ko Jo-Won became a popular and recognised name after he acted in "The Infamous Chill Sister".

Source: Asiae