[NEWS] Zhang Liyin denies any rumours of joining f(x)

Zhang Li Yin met up with a fan recently in China prior to an event appearance and denied any possibilities of her joining f(x).

Earlier this year, there were rumours suggesting SM Entertainment singer Zhang Li Yin would be joining the group f(x) as a new member. However, yesterday, a fan asked the soloist about the rumour, and she said she would not be joining the group, though a song collaboration might work out well. The singer also said that song recording for her next release should be happening in December, with it getting released in February or March of next year.

The fan also asked Liyin if she has heard anything about a new SM group debuting this year, but the soloist said she hasn't heard any company rumours about a new group debut.

Meanwhile, the second and third unreleased songs of Zhang Li Yin singing when she was 11-years-old have been released by Chinese fans. One is a cover of Coco Lee's "Yesterday's Passion," while the other is a cover of Christina Aguilera's "Reflection." Her English pronunciation in the song cover of "Reflection" isn't the best, but you can't deny how impressive her vocals were, even before she had signed with SM Entertainment!

Source: Baiduchoompichocolyn @ YouTube
Credit: Chocolyn - Zhang Li Yin International