[News] Yoo Ah In and JYJ Yoochun show off close friendship that was formed through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”

Park Yoochun and Yoo Ah In who proceeded to their own schedule after starring in “SungkyunKwan Scandal” which had ended its broadcast, continued to express concern over each other through Twitter, which attracted many attention.

Last Monday, Park Yoochun left a message for Yoo Ah In on Twitter, saying “You didn’t bring your handphone? Before I went to US, I gave you a call but your phone was switched off.” Afterwhich Yoo Ah In mentioned that “I’m anticipating this coming Saturday, Yoochun-ah, Chunchun, Small Chunchun, Yoo Sweetie”, mentioning many intimate nicknames, expressing his anticipation for JYJ’s 27th November concert and also support for Yoochun.

Hence fans said “Yoo Ah In is also coming this Saturday”, “Both of them seem close”, “I also want to use intimate nicknames for Yoochun”. At the same time, informing Yoo Ah In that there is a flash mob in the concert where audience have to dance to the song “Be My Girl” and mentioned “You must practice the dance before you come, please do not come unprepared.”
Meanwhile, JYJ is rehearsing intensely for the concert.

source: reviewstar+mrpark
trans by: sharingyoochun.net