[News] U-KISS Alexander Is Frustrated When They Are Called "Dongho and The Boys"


7-members idol group U-KISS talked about them feeling kind of betrayed when they were being called 'Dongho & The Boys'.

U-KISS recently appeared in Mnet 'Beatles Code' recording, and they shared some undisclosed stories to the public.

U-KISS's Alexander in particular, where he said "Dongho is doing well. However, it was frustrating whenever we heard people addressing us as 'Dongho & The Boys'."

Among U-KISS's 7 members, the youngest Dongho is very well known due to him appearing frequently in many entertainment variety programs. In some cases, people were joking around and addressed U-KISS as 'Dongho & The Boys'.

Also on the show, Alexander showcased and officially confirmed his talent in 8 languages such as Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese etc. Not just that, Eli, who was once dream to be an action star actor, showed his Taekwondo and Kungfu skills by demonstrating a powerful kick, which earned him a huge response.

Besides U-KISS, Roora was invited as a guest too.

Credits: TVReports (Source) + Osen (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng)