[NEWS] T-ara's Boram and baby Mason cry during recording of 'Hello Baby'

Boram from T-ara shed tears of guilt.

Boram raising Moon Mason and his two brothers for the KBS JOY 'Hello Baby' and on the recent recording, she was crying because she was sorry for Mason.

On this day's recording, Boram wanted to have fun with Mason by playing with Mason's favorite toys and then she began teasing him by taking them away.

At the beginning, it was a warm and fun atmosphere, but then Mason burst into tears and Boram appeared to be greatly embarrassed. Boram made a worthwhile attempt to calm down Mason, but Mason was not going to stop crying easily. Ultimately, Boram calmed down Mason and then she began feeling guilty and began crying.

Boram and Mason's crying tears will be broadcast on the 30th. T-ara released their digital single, "Why Are You Being Like This?" and their comeback is ahead.

Source: Nate
Written by: Baek Seolmi
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem