[News] Superstar K's Winner Huh Gak Steals First Place on Gaon Weekly Singles Chart

The winner of MBC's Superstar K Season 2, Huh Gak, had his title song 'Always' top the Gaon weekly singles charts last week. 'Always' is his title song from his first album.

As 'Always' took over the first spot on the Gaon Weekly Singles Chart, 'You Wouldn't Answer My Calls' from ballad group 2AM fell to 2nd place. At third place was 'Hoot' from SNSD's recent album, 'Hoot'.

While Huh Gak's song topped the Gaon Weekly Singles Chart, BEAST's album 'Lights Go On Again' was top place in the Gaon Weekly Album Chart, followed by SNSD's 'Hoot' at second place and the original soundtrack of 'Heaven's Postman' at third place.

Source: Asiae