[News] Super Star K 2 Winner Huh Gak Is Getting Married?


Super Star K Season 2's winner Huh Gak had previously shown his couple ring off, and has boasted about his girlfriend in the past. On the 14th, he tweeted, "I'm going to go sing a congratulatory song for a wedding with my lovely wife!♥ The weather is perfect, too," with a picture of him and his girlfriend Kim Dahee.

Even during the Super Star K Season 2 auditions, Kim Dahee openly supported her boyfriend, and Huh Gak never attempted to hide his affection for her.

She has gotten lots of attention lately because Huh Gak said, "I'm going to ask John Park to congratulate our marriage," revealing that he was even thinking of marriage with her.

Nice! Then i guess there will be a wedding coming soon. An advance congratulations for the both of you!

Source: MT News