[news] SPUR Magazine Interview With Shoujo Jidai Translated

Japanese fashion magazine “SPUR” recently did an interview with SNSD in which the girls talk about their aspirations, specialties and fashion styles.

[Likes to doll herself up! Likes feminine style]
Born in San Francisco, 1989, April 18. Jessica, who likes to read fashion magazines, said that she enjoyed this photoshoot very much. ”Personally, I love this style very much. Shiny, gorgeous and balanced, and even the one-piece dress is very cute. I always pay close attention to feminine, elegant and gorgeous styles.“

[Done with the photoshoot under shiny atmosphere]
Born in 1989, September 22. Specialty: Mandarin. Hyoyeon often livens up the atmosphere with her jokes (by making everybody laughs) during the photoshoot. Normally likes to wear a T-Shirt, Jeans, Khaki Jackets and other casual styles. The impression on the outfit that she wore for the photoshoot, “Feminine, looks like an intellectual person, very perfect.”

[Most importantly, the outfit must fit (her) exactly. Likes simple styles]
Born in 1989, December 5. Cool Yuri usually likes basic masculine style. ”I will only choose those outfits that fit me and can perfectly display my body curves. On top of that, the main points are boots, handbags, caps, other accessories etc. etc.“

[Feminine one-piece dress is really great even though normally she dresses very casually]
Born in 1990, May 30. As an female actress, she appeared in several drama series. Her specialty is dancing and acting. Yoona, who leaves a good impression because of her innocent and naive smile, is satisfied with the photoshoot. “Usually (I’m) interested in fashion so I’m very happy about the photoshoot.”

[Pink colour suits SNSD. Personally enjoys casual styles]
Born in 1989, March 9. Receives recognition for her strong vocal skills. Taeyeon, who has mature and gentle personality, her hobby is watching movie(s) and listening to music. “I like casual styles and am not used to wearing outfits with tassels on the shoulder. (Laugh)” Likes flowery-pattern design mini skirts.”I feel that pink colour still suits SNSD!“

[From now onwards, (I) want to expand my fashion sense knowledge]
Born in 1991, June 28. Speciality: Piano. Seohyun has pure charisma. ”I usually like to wear pretty (t/n: ???) outfits. Up until now, I still haven’t tried many other kinds of fashion and I’ve also never tried wearing a one-piece dress like that before either. Right now I’m 20 years old so in the future I’ll try more feminine styles.“

[Attitude and confidence, must have own fashion style]
Born in 1989, August 1. Born in America, Tiffany, who is full of emotions, likes cute accessories and pink! She has bought alot of pink accessories and pink handphones. “My room is pink. Once a pink outfit appears, I’ll say, “That’s mine!” then I’ll take it. (laugh)”

[The first step of fashion is to understand yourself well!]
Born in 1989, May 15. Sunny, who has girl’s cuteness and cheerful personality, she likes a Marc Jacob’s polka dot skirt. “It’s kind of embarrassing to say this but I feel that I’ll look cute if I wear that.” Her fashion standpoint: “Dress according to your strong points, you have to understand yourself well. Think on how to present the best side of you.“

[Always yearning for fashion. Nowadays, there is a feeling of Model Generation returning.]
Born in 1990, Feburary 10. Speciality : Japanese. During the photoshoot, Sooyoung said, “Actually I was once a model and had promotional activities in Japan before. So today, it makes me feel that I’m returning back to that period of time.” Sooyoung, who has a cheerful personality, shows great interest in fashion. “Usually I wear outfits from Alexander Wang and Zadig & Voltaire.”


SNSD’s Japan plans

Tiffany: “When we appeared on Japan music shows, there’s a vivid feeling of “We finally debuted in Japan!” Members were shouting ”Fighting!”. It feels so surreal when we wore our ear monitors , mic and stepped into the studio. But being able to do the same thing (t/n: promotion activities) in Japan, we felt that we have officially started our Japan promotion activities!“

The three months after their Japan showcase. They set a new record of being the first foreign Girl Group to reach 4th on the Oricon Weekly Chart with their debut single, GENIE. And after that, their second single, GEE reached 2nd on the Oricon Daily Chart soon after it was released. Asia Number 1 Girl Group, So Nyuh Shi Dae finally came to Japan.

SNSD who earn much admiration from Japanese girls, when they have no make up on, they are a cheerful and naive girls. These girls in their early 20s are interested in fashion.

“I feel that the Japanese girls’ fashion sense is good. And they are good in getting rid of their old outfits for the new ones.” — Sooyoung

“Japanese girls’ specialty is that they have a cute style with sexy factor in it. Very cute~ ” –Yuri

SNSD members, who pay such a close attention to Japanese girls’ fashion, What they want to do in Japan right now?
Sunny: “Having a tour in Japan! We want to bring our voices to each and every parts of Japan and also want to try those local famous products~ (laugh)“

credit: shikshin@twitter
source: soshini @ soshified