[News] Shinhwa Eric's Disappointment Towards Fans

Shinhwa’s Eric concluded his 2 years of compulsory military service with a press conference on 30 Oct at the Sports Complex subway station.

Eric gave up his US citizenship in 2000 and enlisted for military service on 9 Oct 2008. He was subsequently deployed as a public service officer at Seoul Metro, in charge of CCTV monitoring and directional services.

When asked if there were any fans who went to the station to look for him, Eric answered to the amusement of the fans, “We had earlier made a request (for fans not to visit), but when the fans really didn’t come to visit I was disappointed.”

He added that he was following the KBS drama ‘Chuno’ very closely. “I want to quickly start work on my next project, and show everyone a masculine appeal similar to that of Jang Hyuk’s character in ‘Chuno’.”

Meanwhile, Eric announced that his comeback project will be the Korean coast guard drama ‘Poseidon’, creating much interest and anticipation.

Credits: KBS Entertainment Relay + TVReport + Absolut Shinhwa