[News] SHINee Minho Feels Honoured to Act with Han Ji Hye

Having Han Ji Hye as his acting partner during his first acting experience, SHINee’s Minho expressed that he felt very honoured.

The set of KBS TV drama Pianist, has been revealed on the 18th afternoon in Incheon. Pianist is a comeback drama after Han Ji Hye got married, it is also SHINee Minho’s first acting challenge. In the drama, Minho’s role is a musically gifted child, who will embark on a journey of sad scenes. Minho said that it was an honour to act with Han Ji Hye, as it was his first try on acting, she had led him well and he felt very grateful for it.

Regarding Minho’s statement, Han Ji Hye replied that when they were working together, Minho had a natural sense towards acting and she has this feeling that they might meet again in future production of other works. Han Ji Hye and Minho’s relationship will be expressed via beautiful classical music in Pianist. Due to the Asian Games broadcast, the show will begin broadcasting on either 27th November or 4th December.

Credits: SHINee Bar
Translated by: linda@dkpopnews.net