[News] SHINee Jonghyun crying during Taiwan fanmeet

The Taiwan fanmeet that held yesterday, November 7th 2010, apparently was the deepest moment between SHINee and their taiwan fans.
The Taiwan fans were really sweet by making 988 banner of supporting Jonghyun. it said," Jonghyun we will stay by your side" and it was written in Korean.
After Jonghyun's solo performance the fans keep cheering him and yelling encouraging words in Korean as well. Jonghyun lowered his head and turned to the side taking a deep breath then saying thank you to all the fans.
The fanmeet ended up witht he last song 'Hello', and when he raised his head the fans realized that he was crying. Minho keep patting his back and Jonghyun couldn't stop crying and sobbing so the fans started crying too. It happened that Jonghyun was crying so hard that he couldn't even sing his part properly so another members helped him to sing his part. When he managed to sing a stanza in the middle, the whole place roar in support for him. At the end when the MC asked if he had anything to say he gave the fans deep 90 degrees bow.
As he going to the backstage he still couldn't stop crying.
Standing applause for Taiwan shawol. check this fancam out!
what do you guys think?

source:Original source: PhoenixSHW & elynpai from Baidu (here)
Translated by: _idyllic @soompi
cr video by lover9299
article by dajeonglee@dkpopnews