[NEWS] Seohyun is awkward to handshake with male student

The photos of SNSD Seohyun gave sign on her school revealed.
On November 12th, Netizens on Portal site posted the picture with ‘Seohyun gives an autograph in the school’ as a title.
In this photo, Seohyun looks fresh with Navy jacket and let her Hair untied . And one photo shows Seohyun’s shy expression when a male student asked for handshake.
Netizen said, “When hand-shaking with Boys, she looks awkward” . “She looks shy when hand-shaking”
Meanwhile, Seohyun already attended the class in 2010 and still a freshmen in the school.
Source : Starnews via Nate
Trans : Yurisistable @ SMTownJjang
Edited : hellohazel @ SMTownJjang