[News] Photos Of SungKyunKwan Scandal Actor Yoo Ah In in Thailand Attracts Netizens

Seoul, Korea – Yoo Ah In continues to be gain popularity even after the end of the popular KBS drama Sunggyungwan Scandal, where he portrayed ‘Moon Jae Shin’.

Continuing popularity after the end of Sunggyungwan Scandal on the 10th, a photograph of Yoo Ah In visiting Thailand was posted up on an internet community board, grabbing the attention of netizens.

In this photo, Yoo Ah In tugged at girls’ hearts by showcasing a cute expression wearing a traditional Thai hat and posing in a traditional Thai greeting action.

Also, in the other photos, Yoo Ah In was shown resting on a chair with his back turned, and in another, lying down flat on his back listening to music, showing a natural side of Yoo Ah In who visited Thailand for a photo-shoot.

Netizens who saw the pictures remarked with comments such as “Looking good, Geol-o sa brother”, “Even your relaxation seems dim” and “It’s good to see your human side”.

Source: JTN (Original article in Korean)
Photo from JTN DB
Translated by Timothy Nam@Korea.com