[News] Super Junior Leeteuk and Choi Si Won Interview on CNN

Super Junior Leeteuk and Choi Si Won, and Kim Hyun Joong was featured in CNN iList Korea.

CNN iList Korea Special (airing on 6th-12th) with anchor Anna Coren has met with the UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon and the leaders of the Hallyu Wave Super Junior and Kim Hyun Joong.

With the upcoming G20 2010 Summit to be held in Seoul on the 11th, Anna Coren had the opportunity to interview UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on the 6th and talked a lot about Korea.

Also as the leaders of Hallyu Wave, idol group Super Junior Leeteuk and Choi Siwon were interviewed on how the 13 members are doing their activities and targeting the foreign market through Facebook and Twitter

The drama "Playful Kiss" has also been gaining popularity across Asia, Latin America and Europe through Youtube as testified by the drama's main actor Kim Hyun Joong.

In addition, CNN iList Korea also featured Seoul's food and culture. CNNGo also met up with South Korean architect Cho Min Suk to be broadcasted on the 12th on Talk Asia.

Source: TV Daily
Translation: Grace@SJUPH.ORG
*Rough translation may contain errors.