[news] Netizens sums up HyunA's Hot Topic selcas!

Netizens once again showed their love towards the Cute/Sexy member of 4Minute - Kim HyunA by summing up all of her Hot Topic selcas uploaded to her Cyworld and other internet accounts.

HyunA has always been an "attention-catcher" for Netizens as she feeds her fans with random selca shots that shows different sides of her personality. Netizens love how HyunA adores taking pictures of herself, or sometimes, with her fans and friends, and shares it to other people like how normal 19-year old teen agers do.

She takes pictures or herself in random situations like after doing her make-up, after a successful stage performance, while having fun with her friends or sometimes, even before going to bed.

Well, behind the cute, pure and tender image that she provides through these pictures, it's still undeniable for her fans that she still looks outstanding with her fierce and powerful image when she performs on stage, which provides a longer lasting impact.

With these observations, Netizens concluded:

"Her dancing figure and image also fits her face!"
"HyunA unnie~! The future 'gonggaehaeju,' please take more pictures!"
"sexy while ... I mean, everything is pretty cute, HyunA"

Source: NATE
Reporting + Translating + Editing: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com