[news] Netizens are envious on Miss A Min's friendship with SM, JYP and YG artists

Miss A's Min must have the most idol friends, with a lot of pre debut photo's surfacing, it can be seen that she has been friends with a lot of idols now before their debut.

In an online community site, a collection of pre debut photo's of Miss A min were showed, it the photo's it can be seen that she hanged out with idols from 2am, 2pm, San.E Wonder Girls from the same agency, which was natural how they are trainees before in the same agency.

However, she has more idol friends outside of JYP, she was also friends with HyoYeon from SNSD which is from SM Entertainment and they were childhood friends as they competed in dance competitions together and went to the same dance school before their debut. Their friendship was most unexpected from netizens.

Also, It was known that aside from Hyo Yeon, she was also friends with CL from 2ne1, CL was also a JYP trainee before but she ended up with YG Entertainment where she debuted in 2ne1, she also is friends with 2pm's former member Park Jaebeom. Aside from them she is also acquainted with Nicole from KARA, she also showed a deep friendship with G.Na with their photo together showing cute expressions.

Netizens commented, "She must have had a lot of friends during their trainee days", "Having acquaintances from other agencies is really amazing", "It's good to see that her friendliness is natural to her" Showing such reactions.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net