[news] The mysterious mv filming in 2ne1 tv was for Dont Stop the Music CF in Thailand?

Today, the new song of 2ne1 "Dont Stop the Music" has been revealed via Live radio in Thailand. It is a CF song for ‘Yamaha Fiore’ which is a new style of motorcycles which is marketed especially to women. If you havent heard the song yet check it out:

In 2ne1 tv episode 10, there was much anticipation when they showed 2ne1 filming for a music video/CF. There were lego's in the background and lot were speculating it had something to do with Will.I.Am's new album however, it is known that it was for the CF in Thailand.

If you look at the photo's you can see the motorcycles in the background and you can hear the same song playing in the background while they were filming.

please watch around 10:38

So the mystery has been solved! Now all we have to do is wait for the music video to be released!

credits: http://www.siamzone.com/board/view.php?sid=1914453 + Blueprincess824 @ Dkpopnews.net