[News] MBC Star Audition Hunts for the Next Asian Pop Star Via Youtube

MBC Star Audition is an audition hunting for Asian Pop Stars through Youtube. The process of this audition is simple. All you have to do is to upload a video of yourself singing a Korean Pop song onto Youtube. Based on the number of views and the ratings, you may have the chance to proceed to a 2nd Audition that will be held in Korea. The final winner will not only have his or her debut sponsored by MBC, he or she will also be awarded KRW 300Million.

The Video submission period is from 10 Nov to 27 Nov, and the video selection will be conducted from 28 Nov to 3 Dec. The 500 Videos with the most views and best ratings will be selected, and from these 500 videos, 50 videos will be picked by judges. The participants in these 50 videos will then proceed to have a 2nd Audition in Korea.

You should sing a Korean Pop song, and your face should be shown. However, you are given the freedom to pick if you want to audition as a group or a soloist. No video entry should exceed 100 seconds.

To those who are interested, I wish you all the best!

Here are a few Korean Pop idols who speak in various Asian languages(including English) who can also tell you more about how to enter this audition.

Chaeyeon's message(In Japanese)

Miss A's Min's Message (In English)

F(x)'s Victoria's Message (In Chinese)

Miss A's Jia and Fei's messages(In Chinese)

Se7en's Message (In English)

Be sure to submit your video to mbcaudition on Youtube if you are interested!

Vid Credits: mbcaudition@YT