[News] Kim Hyun Joong , Dutch-paying among friends together

Kim Hyunjoong who recently clinched a ‘big hit’ CF deal with a fee of 1.7 billion won across 2 years has expressed, “I stick to my principle of sharing Dutch-paying together with my friends whom I grew up intimately with since young”.

In an interview with Yonhap News recently, “Even if I may earn much more money, I’m just an ordinary friend to my long-time friends”, “In order not to lose my long-time friends, when we meet up we’ll share to pay about 10K won per meal. It’s a principle I have so as not to lose them”, as Kim Hyunjoong explains.

Since young, along with his 15 friends whom he grew up with in Songpa-gu, Kim Hyunjoong has been staying in contact with this ‘Songpa-gu group of 15′, and amongst which, there were a few who collaborated with him to open a roasted chicken store.

“With 2 of my friends, we opened a roasted chicken store in our frequent haunt-outs, though in reality I’m not able to go there often. If I do drop by down there, my friends actually have to roast the chickens or if not peel onions and all that, they’re mostly busy, so actually, we can’t gather together and have fun much”, as we listen to his fun episodes.

He also added, “To those friends of mine, I’m just but another ordinary friend. Just like how my friends work, I do even have instances whereby I roast the chickens and prepare the dishes myself, too”.

“I don’t have a girl whom I meet up with and it’s been some time I don’t have a girlfriend. I tend to prefer and like being with my male friends and hyungs more. I like to play soccer with my male friends and eat baked meat together”.

He also conveyed that because he “is busy so I’ve no time to be in relationship, and, it’s not easy for me to meet a girl. The girl may know me well, but because I don’t know the girl well, in such a situation, I don’t think I can open my heart to the girl easily”, “Since I’m the type where once I trust a person it won’t be easy for me to doubt him/her, most of the time I just meet within my circle of friends/acquaintances only”.

Kim Hyunjoong also once stayed together with JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong where this displayed their close relationship, but recently they’re living on their own in different places.

“It’s definitely not that our relationship has turned bad or anything. We’re fine. There were just too many fans than we expected who always crowded around our houses, and people in our neighbourhood protested alot. It came also that our house contract ended too, so we just moved out. I saw how much disturbance it caused to the people in our neighbourhood, and it seemed like only the nearby convenience stores reaped from that. Once again I’d like to say sorry to my neighbours”.

Source: www.yonhapnews.co.kr
Translated by: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com