[news] KARA receives a lukewarm response from actors as they performed at the Blue Dragon Awards

Girl Group KARA suffered embarrassment after they performed at the Blue Dragon Film Awards when a footage of their performance was aired.

On the 26th of November, KARA performed at the Grand National Theatre for the Blue Dragon Film Awards and they performed their new song "Jumping". They showed a great performance however the reaction of the actors present attracted attention.

KARA showed up with brilliant costumes and showed off great charisma, they showed an exciting stage however the actors reactions showed otherwise. The camera men showed the faces of several actors while watching the performance, some of them were smiling however some looked not interest, what caught the attention of people was jeong yong jin where he was seen with his mouth open which drew laughter from netizens.

2am also performed at the awards show, but compared to KARA they got a warmer reaction. After the broadcast of the show, netizens commented, "KARA suffered embarrassment, thats okay! Fighting!", "Why did they have to show the faces of the actors?" showing their disappointment.

Source: Newsen
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