[NEWS] JYP Audition in Singapore and Hongkong.

Good news for Singapore/Hongkong star wannabe!

JYP Entertainment announced during mid-october that they will be going to Singapore and Hongkong for audition.
They will be picking out successful candidates to train in Korea with JYP to form a new group.

1. Audition categories:


2. Qualifications for audition

Anyone may participate regardless of gender and nationality. Candidates should be born between 1983 to 2001.

3. Audition date:

The audition dates has been unconfirmed and changing. 
The lastest update (9th November) on the dates on Alpha Ent. facebook page are: 
- 10th - 11th December for Singapore Audition.
- 17th - 18th December for Hongkong Audition.

*This dates might still not be the final dates. Please look out for the press releases as dates on the press releases will definitely be final.*

4. Venue:

To be announced.

5. How to apply?

- Log on to http://audition.jype.com/asiaaudition
- Register as a member (a non-member applcation procedure is also available)
- Input the name and email address
- Recieve audition code through email (it will be send immediately)
- Fill out and complete application form.

6.Things to prepare for the audition:

- Singers 

1) Vocal: 1 minute singing (MR)
Dancing: Music Cd, and 1 minute dancing.

- Actor/MC/VJ

One minute of impromptu or memorized acting or freestyle

- Model

Posing and cat-walking

7. Directions

- Applicants who have passed will get an individual notification by 10th Jan,2011.
- JYPE reserves the right to film and record the audition footage, and also keep the demo materials sent.
- The selected finalist will have an opportunity to be trained by the JYPE training program. 

8. Registration will also be accepted on the day of audition.
Click here for the audition application form.

This time, JYP Ent. will be working with Alpha Ent. to make this audition possible.
Do visit their facebook page for more information!

Good luck for all going for the audition! ^^

credit: redblueblack@dkpopnews.net